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How To Be Fashionable With The Clothes You Have

Do you have a few clothes in your closet? If your answer is yes, then my guess is correct – you’re looking for how to make simple clothes look fashionable.

Should you buy more clothes? Yes, only if you can afford it.

What if you can’t afford to buy more?

I’m going to share some important tips to help you know how to be fashionable with the clothes you have.. Follow the steps below religiously if you must achieve that goal.

How To Be Fashionable With The Clothes You Have

#1. Wash Properly

How To Make Simple Clothes Look Fashionable

The first step to looking fashionable is to look clean. I mean, you cannot expect your clothes to look fashionable if there is a stain or two on them. Take time to check the clothes after using the washing machine.


I come from Nigeria and growing up wasn’t rosy. Most Nigerian kids like me learned how to wash our clothes with our bare hands before ever thinking of using a washing machine. I think some “senator’s children are excluded – just kidding  ”

Ever washed a pair of baggy jeans with your hands? Probably not.

So back to what I was saying… after you’re done washing using the washing machine, check the clothes especially the stained ones to see that they are devoid of stains.

If they are, then it’s high time you hand washed them and applied detergent and bleach to the affected area if necessary.

#2. Iron Properly

How to look fashionable with the clothes you have

After washing, the next important thing is ironing. Iron only the shirts and the plain trousers or chinos. Again, you can iron a t-shirt with medium heat settings just to remove the lines that make your cloth rumpled.

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If you live in an area where the power supply is erratic in many areas, you can buy a cordless iron.

Done ironing?

#3. Clean Your Footwear

Clean your shoes image

Make sure you clean your footwear – sneakers or brogues – whatever it is, make sure it is clean. People tend to notice dirty shoes from a mile away.

Dirty shoes can make a mess of whatever you’re wearing. It’ll make you look unserious.

#4. Keep Your Faded Clothes At Home

faded jeans image

Don’t wear that faded t-shirt outside your house. It has a way of making you look like a pauper.

So what if a great percentage of the clothes you currently have is faded? Well, I have just one advice for you – buy new clothes – simple.

#5. Don’t tuck in oversized shirts

How To Make Simple Clothes Look Fashionable

I’ve seen a lot of people make this mistake over and over again. If you have an oversized shirt, don’t dare tuck it in. You have two options; take the shirt to a tailor to slim fit it to your size or add starch to the shirt to make it thick. Nigerian guys especially the undergraduates will understand…  

#6. No Jump Up Trousers

jump up trousers funny socks image

It may be the trend in your locality, but it’s something you should try to stay away from. Your trousers should be touching the top of your ankle not hanging in the air like it was cast down from heaven.

#7. Stay away from Skinny Jeans If You’re Plumpy

Skinny Jeans image

I don’t want to use the word fat, but you get the point. Skinny jeans are meant for skinny guys. So if you have skinny jeans and you’re fat, don’t even think of wearing it. Wear a boot cut straight jean instead.

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#8. Don’t Wear Pants Bigger Than Your Waist

pants bigger than your waist image

If your pair of trousers is bigger than your waist, you shouldn’t even think of wearing it outside the house. If you eventually do, make sure you don’t tuck a shirt into it.

Wear a belt too and don’t sag.

#9. If Your Trousers Is Longer Than Your Legs, Do This

long trousers folded image

If your trousers are longer than your legs, you should do one of the following; cut it to your length or fold it. The choice is yours – the folding, however, shouldn’t be thick.

Got any ideas – add yours too using the comment box and let’s make this list longer!!!Disclosure: Couture Crib is a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Program and may earn commissions if you purchase an item through links on this page.

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