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19 Of The Latest Ankara Short Gown Styles You Should Sew

If you do not have a remarkable Ankara piece in your wardrobe, can it be said that you are not following the fashion trends?

Ankara is life!  And this is something every woman is beginning to know.

There are styles, unique styles that would make you stand out any day and any time and we are always ready to bring them to you.

Below are some amazing Ankara Styles for every woman.

1. So chic and also comfy.

2. Or make yours into a shirt dress like Ronkefella

3. Or a simple bodycon like we have here

4. Make it super short to show off some legs.

5. Or something this colourful

6. Make it with a bit of fringe like this lady did

7. And this simple but cute one

8. The belt does a lot of magic to this look

9. We love how happy she is in her Ankara dress.

10. And this simple but lovely one

11. We absolutely love the sleeves on this dress

12. This dress is super cute

13. You could make yours into flare too

14. You could also rock it with a sneakers.

15. This is super sweet

16. Daring but bound to make a statement

17. Isn’t this the sweetest?

18. Simple but classy, all day everyday.

19. This is the real definition of sophistication

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