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Best Styles Naija 2019

Nigerians have a really unique taste in styles and design and as the main headquarters of Ankara, it just keeps getting creative with it. The world has really turned into a fashion parade and is sure you do not want to be the odd one out.ity runs in every woman’s vein and we always want to look stunning So ladies below are the list of Ankara design your designer needs to sew for you, Updated for 2019.

1. Crop Top And Emi Skirt

Image: @chicamastyle// Instagram

The perfect style to sew if you are into crop tops and the top is not too revealing either with the EMI design of the skirt makes it very comfy. This Ankara style is suited for all occasion, a very fast style to sew too if you are in a rush.

2. Layered Blouse With Straight Skirt

latest ankara styles 2019
@tontolet // Instagram

Anyone shape can actually pull off this style, very trendy and with the edges of the blouse, it makes it looks great for cocktail parties. This is one of the latest Ankara styles 2019 from King Tonto Dike herself.

3. Funky Sleeves With Fringe Wraps

Image: @lankarafashiongall// Instagram

Funky sleeves are always beautiful and if you have a flare for fringes we say have your designer working on this style as soon as possible.

4. Long Tub Dress With Layers

Image: @ankarafashiongallery // Instagram

This is absolutely gorgeous and worth gracing a wedding with and we think it won’t be such a bad style to wear to a cocktail party either.

5. Straight Gown With Long Sleeves

Image: @ankara_and_asoebi_styles// Instagram 

You might want a little change from something dramatic, you just want simplicity and comfortable, here is a style that offers both and will still serve as attention-worthy at any occasion.

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6. African Dansiki

Image: @ankaraasoebislayer // Instagram

Exceptional style to sew with Ankara, the style is a true African style, looks like it represents African in culture and taste in design.

7. Skirt And Blouse With Edges

Image:@chic_byveekeejames// Instagram

This is mouth watering, right? apart from the cutting edges designed at the hand of the blouse, even the split and the off shoulder is rocking it.

8. Short Gown With Flappy Hands

Image:@asoebibella// Instagram

Elegant and glamorous and definitely party rocking dress.

9. Ankara Pattern With One Hand

Image:@fabrics-in-pattern // Instagram

Hot, Simple and Sexy. this is a simple but unique style, can’t help but look chic while rocking this.

10. Sexy Tub Ankara With Puff Hands

Image:@ankaracollection // Instagram

Don’t you just love how classy this gown looks? Surely designed for those who love sexy and hot.

11. Off Shoulder Ankara Jumpsuit

Image:@assybells // Instagram

This is a jumpsuit with our lovely Ankara to give it a fabulous unique appeal.

12. Flappy Hands In Simple Gown

Image:@fabricsphere// Instagram

This is simple yet fashionistic, with or without the belt it will still give a desirable and trendy reaction.

13. Tiny Straps With Flays

Image:@fabricstudioby // Instagram

This is a short, simple yet elegant flay gown. It is comfortable and any figure can rock it.

14. Ankara Short Skirt And Blouse

short skirt blouse
Image:@asoebiinspiration // Instagram

Did we hear you say fantastic? It is designed to surely impress lovers of creativity so if you love them short and comfy then go for it.

15. Ankara Pattern Hand With Layers

Image:@ankaracollections// Instagram

I think this gown is a sure winner for that cocktail party you are attending soon and with a beautiful smile while rocking it am sure nothing can go wrong.

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16. Double Hand Gown With Straight Split

Image:@adorable_asoebi// Instagram

This is worth adding to anyone’s Ankara dresses collections. It goes a long way to really show class and surely adorable as well.

17. Ankara Short With Bubbles

Image:@adorable_asoebi// Instagram

This captivating Ankara with bubbles surely gives a chic look and can i say absolutely party bubbly.

18. Ankara Jumpsuit Combination

Image:@chicamastyles// Instagram

This is an impressive and wow combination. Different shades of Ankara combined to make a jumpsuit and with that puffy hands definitely interesting and can rock any occasion.

19. Average Sleeves Blouse With Boot Cut

Image:@inspiration// Instagram

The interesting combination of this attire is quite impressive. practically, everyone loves bootcut and now it is made with our lovely Ankara which makes it all the more attractive.

20. Flamingo Dress

fashion hand
Image:@ankarafashion// Instagram

The designs made with the hand of this gown has a nice approach to it and can be worn no matter the occasion.

21. Simple Elegant Gown

Image:@ajoaakwaboah// Instagram

This gown just represents simplicity.

22. Kimono And Trouser

Image:@nefpatra// Instagram

Fashion keeps getting better and better most especially Ankara and nothing intrigues more than having a chance to input your casual wears into your Ankara.

23. Asymmetric Cut Design

Image:@emylee_9// Instagram

This beautiful clad design has a sense of appeal that gives one wearing it some vibes and sparks.

24. Ankara Caftan Dress

Image:@elvisdedro// Instagram

Did I hear Unique?  it really is unique, carries a sense of authority and an appeal that can not be overlooked.

25. Long Sleeves With V-neck

latest ankara styles 2019
Image:@asoebistyle// Instagram

This Ankara style flatters the shape surely. Has a subtle way of intrigue, smart and appealing too.

26. Corporate Ankara Style

latest ankara 2019
Image:@afisemihoney// Instagram

This is looking all simple and stylish. Can be rocked to the office on a Friday or even church.

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27. Chic Ankara Gown With Flay Designs

latest ankara styles 2019
Image:@ankaracollections// Instagram

This is a gown that has been designed to look like a skirt and a blouse. The front has a flay design that gives it a simple but yet classy appearance.

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