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The Fashion Styles of the Nigeria Senators

This Men’s Fashion style is a native attire that was popularized by Senator Pious Anyim – a former Senator of the upper legislative house. To sew this style, you will need a bold, strong suit material. The shirt of the style extends up to the knees with little or no embroidery. The trouser is usually made in a manner that matches the material used for the shirt.


In Nigerian Agbada is also known as one thousand Five hundred. This wear is a large, overflowing native gown that reaches well below the knees and sometimes reaches the ankles. It is worn mainly by men, but today fashion has women putting on this iconic style too. In order for the gown to remain on the body of the wearer; it needs constant adjustments.


This attire is a long loose native tunic that stretches below the knees and in some cases, reaches the ankles. The Kaftan fits better and does not require constant adjustments to sit in place on one’s body when worn,unlike an Agbada.

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