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Hello ladies! today we’ll analyse the latest ankara styles 2019. We know ankara is just the dope stuff in town right now. I know you wanna know how to style up that beautiful ankara gown. But guess what…??? You are not alone in the search. African Ankara has taken over the world. From the United States to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe and Americas, everyone just needs inspiration.

In the first place, one funny fact about Fashion is that it just won’t stop changing. Guess you heard them say the only constant thing in life is change. Don’t get it twisted, they probably meant fashion.

I know you just can’t wait for us to get started. So, let’s do just that. But how about we start with just the biggest celebrities in the world. Yeah, you probably wouldn’t imagine the shakers of the fashion industry on ankara. But, sip a glass of water and go through what we’ve got below.

Here are the latest ankara styles and designs ladies should take a look at;

Now, you do not need to be Gwen Stefani’s fan to give it to her on this one. The multi-talented grammy winner sure deserves some accolades. Cool I guess.

Nicki has it all right here. Royal I must say.

Taraji Henson killed it for sure. The “Think Like A Man” star just “did it”. And you know if Tara did it, then you too can “did it” 


. In fact me too can “did it” and in the end, everybody will “did it” (haha!

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 learnt that from a South African politician)

Yeah! you guessed right. Riri enjoys ankara too. In fact Rihanna is introducing a new blend of Ankara on a long sleeve shirt. Don’t forget to let us know once you try it out.

I just could not scroll past this wonderful red carpet image. Kim K is just getting me over the moon. She’s truly amazing.

Funke Akindele’s gown is catch indeed. However, don’t mind the hard face.

Yvonne Nelson is dope. Just chicky.

Mercy is just looking 16. Lest I forget, don’t forget to acquire this before your next birthday. Sit back and see the magic of getting younger by the day.

The Mavins first lady is definitely not losing out on this one. Tiwa just slayed here as usual.

Latest Ankara Gown Styles 2018

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Ankara styles 2018
50 latest ankara styles 2017 for ladies
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Ankara styles 2018
Ankara styles 2018

Latest Ankara Suit Styles 2019

Image result for Ankara Suit

Ankara print suits are the rave right now and all for good reasons too. This chic outfit is proof that your formal outfits can get elevated to a whole new height of class when made from ankara.

The Ankara fabric is one of the most versatile in the fashion world. We have seen it made into almost every type of outfit one can imagine.

Ankara print suits are classy, stylish and effortlessly help you pull-off that boss lady look especially when made properly.

Depending on your choice, you can make yours from very colourful Ankara fabrics or the cool toned ones. No matter your choice, you will still look every inch the millennial diva that you are.
These photos should give you some inspiration

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Joke apart,  I’ll recommend this styles for your next event. But before you do, pray you don’t steal the shine at someone’s wedding. You know wedding guests are not allowed to outshine the bride. Anyway, you could be forgiven in the name of ankara.Ankara styles is spreading all over the world, don’t be left out of the trend. I believe this article has helped you to know the latest Ankara Styles for women.

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