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Latest Unique Ankara Dresses For Ladies To Rock In 2019

Today you will hardly find someone who is not stunned by the beauty of vibrant Ankara prints. From adults to teenagers to kids, everyone is overwhelmed by the striking shades and comfy fabric. 2016/2017 was a trendy year with a lot of changing styles all around the world.

However, this year is going to be an amalgam of different Nigerian and African prints and styles including Ankara which is preferred by the various superstars including Rihana, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. We’ve already discussed in an earlier post the Top Trending Ankara Styles for Ladies to Follow in 2019 so do have a look at them too.

Ankara is an ever going style but teenagers and adults are always up for experimenting with the existing fashion. This spring you can load your wardrobe with a few Ankara pieces and mix and match according to your own style statement.

Ankara is such a versatile fabric that you can use it in various manners and create magical looks. Teenagers and adults are the major target users of this fabric since it is both comfy and stylish for high school and college plus experimenting with such fabric is not only based on the sartorial expertise but creativity as well.

This article will give you a detailed overview of different styles teenagers and adults can adopt with Ankara prints as well as the dos and do not to keep in mind while trying Ankara fabric.

See How to Wear Unique Ankara Dresses for Teenagers and Adults

Ankara Skirts for College Wear

Ankara skirts could be worn by young girls casually or at formal events with simple casual tees or loose Ankara tops. These are ideal for curvy girls as it highlights their curves and tone down the fat. Just keep in mind to smooth your legs with a good moisturizer to complete the look.


Monotone Ankaras for Teens and Adults

Dazzling Ankara prints in striking shades can be toned down to create a monotonic effect by blending the fabric with pastel shades and adding black and beige to it especially for formal events and weddings. Ankaras embellished with ribbons and pearls also look very sensual and chic.


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Elegant Ankara Style Pants

Ankara pants can be worn with a simple button down shirt or Ankara crop tops at concerts or parties. Typical African braid styles look amazing with these elegant Ankara pants. Adding stilettos and a simple clutch or cross-body bag to it can create a classy look.


Short Ankara Dresses for Parties

If you’re looking for short unique preppy dresses for formal events and occasions like parties and engagements, then Ankara is the answer for you. You can carry Ankara pencil skirts with blouses in luxury fancy material like net and silk or you can go for a short Ankara strapless or backless dress with slit cuts to create a sensual chic attire. Wear them with nude or dark stiletto heels in black, maroon and dark greenish or navy blue shades for a contrast.


Long Ankara Gowns for Weddings

Teenagers can slay long Ankara gowns on Nigerian themed weddings by blending it with the Nigerian Aso Ebi style and dashiki. The cascading frilly African style with a long tail is both royal and classy for occasions like weddings. To create a more traditional look, teenagers can add something new to their attire in a luxurious fabric like silk and chiffon.


Ankaras for White Girls

White girls can totally rock the Ankara prints just like the African women by adding a little western touch to it as in different collar styles like sailor, ruff and peter pan styles. Moreover, ear studs in pearls and diamond cut style and long chains with simple Ankara tops with plain slacks will create a perfect look for high school. Minimal make-up is ideal for white girls if they’re going for dazzling Ankara patterns.


Enchanting Ankara Frocks

Lisa Folawiyo and Ade Bakare’s enchanting Ankara collections cover a wide range of different styles of Ankara frocks from baggy style to fitted strappy frocks with elegant cuts and classy looks. Teenagers can wear a fitted upper and airline at the bottom frocks in Ankara fabric embellished with ribbons and unique necklines to high school and college. These can be worn with thin leggings as well. You can wear strappy sandals and peep toe heels with these ravishing pieces to create your own style statement. However, chubby teens could go for high neckline style that tones their figure well.


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Funky Ankara Print Shorts

High waisted and loose fitted Ankara shorts look amazing with loose baggy tops in nude and pastel shades. If you want to wear Ankara shorts for concerts or parties you can add a blazer or jacket to create a style statement. Young girls can wear these to school and college with button down plain white or black shirts and bold lip colors to create a semi-formal look.


Stylish Ankara Onesies

Ankara onesies are both unique and stylish at the same time. Young girls who love experimenting with latest trends can try these eye-catching costumes with peep toe heels and create a wonderful look. Slightly wavy hairstyle would go perfectly with these epic garment pieces.


Casual Ankara Tops

Simple casual Ankara crop tops are ideal for teenagers as it gives a modish and different look for high school and college. Adding a ripped denim jeans to Ankara top could create magic. Etsy designs super charming Ankara tops for all age groups. Adding a simple choker would enhance the beauty of these ravishing tops.


Ankara Heels

Ankara heels are eccentric on its own. The creative designs are ideal in spring with short simple dresses in white, black and other pastel shades. These are perfect to create one’s own style statement.


Makeup Tips for Teen Ankara Lovers

Ankara prints always go better with minimal makeup especially if you want to create a highlighter look. Nude lipsticks and light brownish blush on will complete the entire look. However smokey eyes look perfect with Ankaras in black and white and bright red and hot pink lip shades look very chic with such simple monotone Ankara prints.


Off-Shoulder Ankaras

Young girls look quite fashionable in off-shoulder Ankara tops or short dresses due to the classy style. However, these off-shoulder dresses look good on girls with thin shoulders and a prominent bone structure. Chubby teens will look chubbier in these tops and it will highlight the shoulder fat as well. Skinny girls can add a little glow to their collar bones with a moisturiser or a highlighter to create an appealing and preppy look.



Ankara Jackets

Ankara jackets can be worn over simple skirts, pants or even onesies to create a glamorous look. It can turn the outfit from casual to a playful chic style statement. Ankara jackets are loved by various celebrities all around the world including Beyonce who has been seen wearing these enchanting garment pieces in music videos as well as various photo shoots.


Semi-Formal Ankara Dresses

A semi-formal look can be created by mixing long Ankara skirts or pants with elegant blouses embellished with stones and pearls. A fancy necklace or choker along with a fancy clutch would add up to the attire.


Ankara Style Beach Wear

Teens can totally go for these stunning Ankara beach wear with Ankara hair bands that are quite eccentric and charming for the beach parties as well as pool parties and the typical beach climate.


Western Ankara Style

Ankara style can be westernized by adding dashing denim jeans or denim jacket to the refined Ankara tops. The black and white prints which create a monotone effect are super classy and westernized at the same time. The gladiator heels are ideal for westernized Ankara style.


Ankara Dresses for Prom

Every teenager wants to look the most stylish and unique on the prom night since it is a special event in one’s life. Young girls can go for long Ankara gowns with slit cuts and unique necklines. Crystal ear studs or a necklace would add up to the attire.


Ankara styles is spreading all over the world, don’t be left out of the trend. I believe this article has helped you to know the latest Unique Ankara Dresses that you can wear to that occasion that you have been preparing to attend.

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