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7 Nigerian Fashion Trends of 2019 On Our Radar

Getting yourself acquainted with a couple of the need to know Nigerian Fashion trends of 2019 is important for those of us who’d love to begin the year in style. Many of these trends trickled in from last year as some trends easier catch on faster than others. It’s important to get a head start on the trends so you are not caught rocking last Season’s trends. Word on the street is, these are the hottest Nigerian fashion trends right now.

Here is a collection of 7 Nigerian fashion trends of 2019 on our radar

  1. Pleat skirt
Pleat Skirt

Popularly known as “Mary Amaka skirts” in Nigeria, (no idea wear that name came from) pleat skirts are back on the Nigerian fashion scene this year. Many celebrities have been spotted rocking the trend. They are cool because they can serve as something you wear to the office or they can be styled for less serious looks

Mary Amaka pleat skirt
  1. Mermaid flare pants
mermaid flare pants

If you are one of those who thinks regular denim pants are boring, this should definitely resonate with you. The Ruffled flares on the pants adds some fun to the look

mermaid flare denim pants
  1. Combat boots
Combat boots

Combat boots are a fun accessory to a street style look. They can be paired with capris, a short dress, a mini or baggy pants for those colder days

Female Combat Boots
  1. Track pants
Female track Pants

Track pants are still going strong from last year for both sexes. This is a fun way of rocking them especially if you’ve got those with buttons.

Flare Track Pants
  1. Sweater dresses
Sweater shirt

You gotta love sweat dresses; they keep you warm without taking away your SEXY, au contraire, they add to it.

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Knit Sweater Dress
  1. High waist Boot cut pants are back!!
Nimi Nwofor

Boot cut pants are back and are hot as ever especially the high waist ones. They come in different fabrics obviously and can be paired smartly with a puff arm blouse for an office chic look like Nimi Nwofor in the look above.

Boot Cut Pants
  1. Off the shoulder (OTS) button down shirts
Liza folawiyo

Fashionistas have found another use for button down shirt, rocking them as Off The Shoulder blouses. If you want to achieve this look, you’ll want to start by using a button down that is a bit oversize on you. The bigger the shirt, the more room you have with the fabric. Unbutton a few of the top buttons so you can lay the collar off your shoulders. Tuck in the bottom into your skirt like Lisa Folawiyo in the above Photo and you are good to go once you get it sitting the way you feel comfortable. An alternative to tucking them in is to unbutton a few of the bottom buttons then tie them together to achieve a street chic look.

female button down shirt
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