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TOP biggest fashion trends for 2019

The start of a New Year does not mean that the New Year’s fashion trends will be all entirely new. That is the beauty of trends right?

Given the buzz that fashion shows and new fads created last year, 2016 promises to be an eventful year fashion wise. We expect designers to be daring and more innovative, even though style trends are the recreation of what was.

We foresee originality, a lot of skin, a serious infusion of graphic works, designer nets, shimmering eye shadows, superb colors, local prints (Ankara) and plus size woman will be getting a lot of attention this year.

The following fashion and beauty trends are sure to be the biggest of 2016. Be in the know of the fashion trends before they happen as we forecast the styles you will be wearing this year.


Ankara will always be in vogue!
The question now is, will you always be in style. Last year, we garnered inspiration from our indigenous Ankara, Aso oke, kampala and French lace styles that took the world by storm. From high-waist pants and skirts, skaters to peplum styles, all graced Nigerian Red carpets. In 2016, ladies will take bold strides, stepping out in more daring clothes with pops of colour and low V-necks; exposing a bit of skin.

Watch out for more lace style inspirations, ankara prints with blings, flirty fabrics like chiffon and silk, soft organza and vintage velvet among others will grace red carpet and casual event.

graphic print

Lingerie: Taking bedroom to the streets
Designers like Alexander Wang, Givenchy and Calvin Klein will bring sexy back in 2016. Threads normally relegated to the bed room will get their day in the sun. This is strictly for the daring because they exude sexiness in every fabric, whether its cotton poplins, chiffon, or floral satin. They look like regular nighties but a blend with leather jackets or Kimonos will give that edgy appeal. We bet Rihanna is already warming up for the kill.Sponsored Content

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Signature Stripes
Stripes don’t need to be dull. Play with colors and silhouettes to give a unique twist to your ensemble. Black and white geometric pattern and strips will also steal the show this year. Most impressive is the fact that wedding dresses will take a different tone (black and white strips) how cool!

Bright Colours
Colors are leveling up big time this year! It’s no longer just about the dainty pastels anymore. Bubbly colors like red, orange, white, yellow and bright color mixtures will be the in style this year. The brighter the color, the more fashionable you’ll be. Go bold, get crazy for colors.


Off shoulder neckline
Designers would be focusing on showcasing the shoulder, making clothes more open and comfortable to wear. We consider it a new riff on the off-should trend and this will work well with the Nigerian weather climate.

Button down shirts
It’s the revolution of button down shirts. The women have taken it from the men and glamorized it with a high-fashion twist.

It’s time to be girly and there’s no better way to do that than by wearing ruffles. Whether they are on your neck, arms, or dress, as long as you’re sporting ruffles somewhere your style is sure to be on point. Designers indulged their fanciful side for resort as they added frills, flounces and ruffles to even the most classic of shapes.
Graphic, prints trends

Expect a lot of graphic works, prints, paper works and Scrapbook Collage (handy craft using paper, scissors and tapes) and fusion of digital talent, tie and dyes will come together to take center stage in 2016. Although it’s not exactly an easy trend to wear in real life but it’s going to come in handy on the run ways. The interesting thing is men and women alike will rock the graphic trend.


Bold and beautiful styles
Besides designers showcasing their fit in 2016, another outstanding strides in the industry is the fact a lot of bold or plus size models will take center stage this year. This means fashion will longer be be defined by size. The woman regardless of her size has the opportunity to feel as beautiful and fashionable as possible.

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Who says pleats have to be only in uniforms? This trend will make an appearance in 2016 to add movement, style, and class. Designers are pleats and creating sculptural silhouettes next level.

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