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24 Casual Ankara Gowns For Nigerian Ladies/Women


1. Purpose of wearing short dresses: Some short dresses are worn for convenience. Some cases due to the weather conditions during hot periods. Don’t Forget whatever your reasons maybe for wearing short ankara gown don’t forget that a short dress is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of your legs. So, make sure you wash and cream your legs properly when ever you wear these gowns to avoid dryness. Avoid shoes that are likely to cause bruises on your feet, if you very hairy on your legs ensure you depilate it. Should in-case you have scars on your legs you can wear pantyhose.


2. Business Outfit: The length of your dress worn to your office for business reasons should not be more than 2inches above your knee cap. It is better appropriate when it is above the kneecap. Otherwise, your clients and colleagues will be indifferent about it.Some will gossip and see you as unprofessional, immoral and not modest.


3.On a Date: Don’t wear too short ankara gown for first date, it may disapprove you before your acquaintance, he may become judgemental and view your personality as seductive. You can wear jeans or leggings on such short dresses.


4. Selecting shoes:  Outlook of Ankara short gowns is forever gorgeous on heels. One can choose matching colours of shoes like snickers, flat shoes and sandals to wear her dress. Boots are also used depending what manner you want to rock your outfit.


5. Elderly Women: Older women should avoid too tight ankara short dress for convenience purposes especially women who have fat tummies. They could choose from lists styles of short gowns which wouldn’t reveal much it. Even if you have impeccable forms in 40 years, choose styles that fits you best without stressing you body.

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