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20 Fresh Styles on Mini Ankara Wear 2019

Short African dresses are popular among ladies of all ages and clothing preferences. These dresses are versatile, cute, and very flattering. Check out 20 of the best mini Ankara dresses we’ve seen in 2019!

1. Ankara mini dress with flared sleeves
Most Nigerian short gown styles have a rather straightforward design, so if you want to make your new dress more visually arresting, add a striking detail – for example, huge flared sleeves.

Best mini Ankara dresses

2. Mix and match mini dress

One of the hottest trends in short African gowns is combining two different fabrics in one outfit. And those fabric don’t even have to match!

Best mini Ankara dresses

3. Crop top short Ankara dress

In case you already have plenty of Ankara short gowns in your wardrobe, the best idea for a new outfit for you can be a combination of a mini Ankara skirt and a matching crop top.

Best mini Ankara dresses

4. Monochrome mini dress

For those who are used to the colourful Ankara patterns, this monochrome dress may look unusual. However, black and white is a timeless classic for a reason!

Best mini Ankara dresses

5. Mini Ankara dress with fringe

Another simple way to add some visual flare to Nigerian short dress styles is to decorate them with fringe, which looks fantastic on just about any outfit.

Best mini Ankara dresses

6. Wrap Anakra dress

Here is another beautiful example of a mix and match Ankara dress, but this time it’s a wrap gown, which has been one of the most popular items of 2018.

Best mini Ankara dresses

7. Bodycon mini Ankara dress

There are so many things to love about the next gown: the bold bodycon cut, the fabulous peacock pattern, and, of course, the glorious flared sleeves!

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Best mini Ankara dresses

8. Off-shoulder Ankara mini dress

Some of the most beautiful short African dresses combine two or more popular fashion trends. For example, this Ankara gown has not only a trendy short length, but also an off-shoulder design.


Best mini Ankara dresses

9. Bandage mini dress

If you want to own a dress that will showcase your curves while also being perfectly in vogue, consider one of the bandage mini Ankara dresses!

Best mini Ankara dresses

10. Ankara and denim mini dress

Combine your love for these two fabrics with a cute short dress made with Ankara and denim to take the best of the two fashion trends!


Best mini Ankara dresses

11. Ankara short dress with pockets

Women are always longing for dresses that have convenient pockets, but making the dress with your favourite Ankara fabric will allow you to enjoy every aspect of it.


Best mini Ankara dresses

12. Family look and mini Ankara dresses

There is nothing cuter than matching short gown styles rocked by mother and daughter, so consider this style for your next family outing!

Best mini Ankara dresses

13. Ankara wrap mini dress

A short wrap dress with long sleeves looks so elegant that it could easily become your go-to work outfit.


Best mini Ankara dresses

14. Flared mini Ankara dress

If you’re looking for the most adorable version of African mini dresses styles, this cute flared gown is one of your top options.

Best mini Ankara dresses

15. Short Ankara dress with lace

In case you love both Ankara and lace equally, you don’t need to choose between the two fabric for your new dress – they can look pretty fabulous together in one outfit.

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Best mini Ankara dresses

16. One-shoulder mini Ankara dress

The next short Ankara dress was made with so much attention to detail that we instantly fell in love with this design.


Best mini Ankara dresses

17. Mini Ankara dress with fringe

Here is another version of a short Ankara dress decorated with fringe, which adds a nice pop of colour to an already vibrant gown.


Best mini Ankara dresses

18. Short Ankara dress with straps

This is one of the cutest and most youthful versions of the mini Ankara dress trend. It’s definitely one of the summer 2019 must-haves!


Best mini Ankara dresses

19. Straight Ankara mini dress

Sometimes it’s best to let the fabric of your new dress do the talking and keep the cut of the garment rather simple.


Best mini Ankara dresses

20. Mini Ankara dress with lace

Add a colourful lace accent to your new Ankara dress to get a one-of-a-kind garment in your favourite colour scheme.


Best mini Ankara dresses

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